Brussels Scavenger Hunt

On Friday our day started with a worship service where Mike preached a message on God’s sovereignty in missions. The rest of the morning the 18 new MTW missionaries received lectures on cultural contextualization. After lunch all the missionaries went out on a Brussels scavenger hunt. Mike and Erin went out with the missionaries to […]

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1st Week Of Training New Missionaries

The 18 new MTW missionaries arrived in Brussels, Belgium last weekend. They have been involved in cultural and missions training eight hours a day all this week. Mike and Erin are coaching and mentoring these new missionaries and helping to prepare them for the field. Each day begins with morning worship, prayer, and preaching. The group […]

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Meet The Missionaries We Are Coaching

The MTW training of new missionaries is underway in Brussels, Belgium. Many of the new missionaries arrived late due to travel complications, but the CCMI training began on Monday as planned. While Mike and Erin are to help coach all the 18 missionaries and their kids, we have both been assigned a group of missionaries with […]

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The Dilemma Of House Help On The Mission Field

Frequently missionaries get to the field and have a dilemma about using hired help with childcare, cooking, or housekeeping around their home. Statistically the West uses house helpers less than in the rest of the world. In the West domestic help is often seen as a luxury available only to the upper classes. Domestic helpers […]

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Our Living Conditions In Belgium

As we explained in our last post, Mike and Erin are in Belgium for the month of January to help train and mentor 18 new MTW missionaries going to 12 different countries. The missionaries will have lots of in-class training and lots of “out in the community” training. We are to train and accompany the […]

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