English Church In Honduras

English Church for Team Honduras has grown into an amazing church-like worship service. Ten months ago Team Honduras welcomed Seth and Renee McLaughlin. Seth is the first real live, ordained pastor (Teaching Elder for you PCA people) our team has ever had. Seth took over what used to be called Gringo Church and raised the […]

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Instruction On Missions To The Church At Corinth

In Paul’s letters to the Corinthian church he desired the believers to be enthusiastic about the expansion of the gospel. In Paul’s time, Corinth was located in an ideal geographic location to spread the new faith. A vibrant and mission minded church located in Corinth could easily use the heavily traveled trade route to speed […]

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Grand Carnaval De La Ceiba 2015

Every May our little town of La Ceiba, Honduras hosts Gran Carnaval Internacional de La Ceiba, or Carnaval for short. For two weeks the population swells from 300,000 people to over 500,000 people. The festival, which honors Saint Isidore the Laborer, the patron saint of La Ceiba, is the second biggest carnival in the world. […]

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Why Most Missionaries Are Liars

No job description I have ever seen for a missionary includes the words “fast and loose with the truth.” It is not my belief missions attracts the kind of people who are predisposed to being insincere. Unfortunately, I have seldom encountered a missionary who will tell the entire truth when asked important personal questions. The […]

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Mike’s Seminary Progress Report

For 3 1/2 years Mike has been taking online seminary classes from Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS). He has been steadily pursuing a Master’s Degree of Biblical Studies. Mike has completed 13 classes and is more than halfway through the 66 unit degree. Through the RTS Global Education system Mike downloads and listens to all the lectures, […]

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