Path of Hurricane Felix

Hurricane Felix

Please pray for Honduras.  Hurricane Felix is schedule to hit the eastern coast of Honduras as a level 5 hurricane late Tuesday morning. It is scheduled to pass directly over our future home, the town of La Ceiba, early Wednesday morning.   To clarify: WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY IN HONDURAS. We are in San Jose, Costa Rica […]

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Iglesia Christiana Berea

Iglesia Cristiana Berea

This morning we attended church at Iglesia Cristiana Berea.  It is a local church about a five minute walk from our apartment.  We went with our neighbor.   The service started at 9:30a and ended at noon.  Everything was in Spanish and nobody spoke any English.  The first hour was worship music followed by 30 […]

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Mike and Maddy looking for bugs

First Day Off in Costa Rica

Today we enjoyed our first day of doing NOTHING in a long time. Instead of going someplace we just enjoyed our neighborhood.   Madison has a homework assignment in her science class.  She has to collect eight different Costa Rican bugs and find out what they are.  So in the morning we went walking through the […]

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Failing Our First Test

Erin and Mike just took our first Spanish test. And, we failed…badly. No worries though. The test we failed was our placement exam. This is the test that helps the school determine how much Spanish we know.   Both of us only answered about 40% of the questions. Likely, many of our answers were wrong. We are not worried. If we knew […]

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Spanish Word of the Week – Tico

Tico – This is the common term for a native of Costa Rica. The plural form is ticos.   Residents of Costa Rica almost always refer to themselves as Ticos, instead of using the more-formal Costa Rican. It is acceptable for foreigners who are familiar with or living in Costa Rica to use the term Tico. The […]

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