Erin with Jene Giles

Our New Friend Jean Giles

Jean Giles is an MTW missionary to Corozal, Belize (where Mike to the Youth Group in 2005).  She is a Christian educator and she is focusing on training and equipping the teachers in Belize.   Jean is here in Costa Rican learning Spanish with us at the Spanish Language Institute.  Jean was in Belize when Hurricane Dean […]

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Madison celebrating Costa Rican independence

Costa Rican Independence Day

September 15th is Costa Rican Independence Day. On that day in 1821 they received their independence from Spain. While few Costa Ricans actually sought independence from Spain 186 years ago it is widely celebrated now. Today, Independence Day is celebrated with big patriotic parades, period appropriate dress and fiestas.   While this Saturday is the big day, our […]

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Erin Leading Worship

Worship at the Spanish Language Institute

Every Tuesday and Thursday we have a one hour long chapel service at the Spanish Language Institute.  It is complete with prayer, a brief sermon and worship music.   Erin has selected to lead the worship team.  She and the worship team pick songs, practice, organize the slides and sing for 100 people.  The worship team […]

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Spanish Word of the Week – Aguacera

Aguacera – This is one of many words to describe the rain in Costa Rica.  It’s literal translation is heavy rain or downpour.   In Costa Rica, in the rainy season, it rains almost every day for six months.  Because rain is such a prominent part of their lives they have dozens of words to […]

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Map to our apartment

Where Do You Live?

In Mike’s Language class today he was required to recite his address. No big deal, right? Wrong. In almost all of Costa Rica there are no street names or building numbers. So to tell someone where you live (delivery boy, police, friend, etc.) you have to provide detailed directions via well known landmarks and compass points.   Literally, this […]

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