Spanish Word of the Week – Aguacera

Aguacera – This is one of many words to describe the rain in Costa Rica.  It’s literal translation is heavy rain or downpour.   In Costa Rica, in the rainy season, it rains almost every day for six months.  Because rain is such a prominent part of their lives they have dozens of words to […]

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Map to our apartment

Where Do You Live?

In Mike’s Language class today he was required to recite his address. No big deal, right? Wrong. In almost all of Costa Rica there are no street names or building numbers. So to tell someone where you live (delivery boy, police, friend, etc.) you have to provide detailed directions via well known landmarks and compass points.   Literally, this […]

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Two Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

No Tire La Puerta: This translates to “don’t slam the door”.  This is a big issue.  Taxis are everywhere in San Jose, and they will take up to four people most anywhere in the city for around a dollar.  Something we knew before we arrived here is that most of the rest of the world […]

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Erin in class

First Week of School

Mike and Erin completed their first week of study at the Spanish Language Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica. Madison completed her second week at the Soujourn Academy.   In the adult Spanish classes all adults have been broken into 19 classes of five students each. Each class consists of students at roughly the same ability level. Each […]

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The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis

Book Review: The Problem of Pain

C.S. Lewis first wrote this book in 1940. In this manuscript Lewis considers the problem of suffering from a theoretical and theological viewpoint. The existence of pain in a world created by a good and loving God is a fundamental dilemma and perhaps one of the most common objections to Christianity.   Lewis touches on some very […]

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