Mike reading on the subway

New York City – Day 18 of 31

Everyday we ride the subway for one hour and 15 minutes in the morning and one hour and 15 minutes in the evening. We have the longest commute of any of the missionaries participating in our training.   Some commuters pass their time by sleeping, listening to music or working on their laptops. We pass the time […]

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Dwight and Barbara Gradin

New York City – Day 17 of 31

This week we are working on Language Acquisition. Our instructors, Dwight and Barbara Gradin, have been expert language instructors for over 30 years.   The first two days have been great. The Gradins are not teaching us Spanish, but instead they are teaching us the concepts of linguistics. They are teaching us about the basic concepts of acquiring […]

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Sean and Lindsey McCann

New York City – Day 16 of 31

While we are in New York for our missions training there are several fringe benefits. One of the biggest side benefits is that we get to meet our future teammates in Honduras. Sean, Lindsey and Lucy McCann are here taking the same missions training with us.   Our missions team in Honduras is very small. In fact, at […]

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A Christian Manifesto by Francis Schaeffer

Book Review: A Christian Manifesto

(Note: Please be aware that the author of this review spent 15 years entrenched in politics and has a passion for all things political. The biases I posses clearly obscure my objectivity on the topics contained in this book.)   This book and its author, Francis Schaeffer, are considered by many to be contributing factors to […]

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Sean McCann cooking blueberry pancakes

New York City – Day 14 of 31

While we are here for our missions training we only have one full day off out of the entire 31 days. That day was today! So we made the best of it. Here is a recap of what we did for fun in the last 24 hours.   Yesterday evening we went out to an Indian restaurant with […]

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