Muslim school girls in their burqa

Erin Home From North Africa, Part 3

What is it like to be a Christian in a Muslim dominated society?   One young boy I treated was still suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, years after he was repeatedly beaten by his “friends.” The cause of the beatings? He was an Christian.   Muslim wives are to be totally dependent and obedient to their husbands. Men […]

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Erin and child in North Africa

Erin Home From North Africa, Part 2

While Erin was in North Africa she was able to treat over 200 patients. Here is just one of her experiences:   On the second day the clinic was open, a Muslim woman wearing a full head-to-toe black burqa arrived with her very sick child. Before treating the child Erin prayed over the mother and child in […]

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Erin in her pediatrics "clinic" in North Africa

Erin Home From North Africa, Part 1

This is the first in multipart series of brief stories and pictures about Erin’s trip to North Africa.   Erin arrived home today from her two week medical mission trip to North Africa. Their team of 16 doctors and nurses treated over 1000 patients. Erin treated over 200 in pediatrics alone.   They prayed and handed out […]

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Erin in North Africa, Part 4

Just got an update from Erin in North Africa.  Here it is:   We don’t have final numbers yet, but it looks like we treated over 600 patients! Incredible! We prayed with almost all of them – Muslim and Christian alike! Only had a few Muslim patients refuse. We ran six clinics – internal medicine, cardiac, neurology, orthopedics, ob-gyn, […]

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We’ve Got Faith

Faith Presbyterian Church of beautiful Sonoma, California has agreed to support us financially. Praise God! This is the fifth church to agree to support us financially.   Mike preached at Faith Presbyterian on March 18th. What a great group of people we met. Pastor Tim Christenson and Elders Bryan and Dave were very receptive and very supportive of our ministry.  […]

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