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Five members of Team Honduras in Costa Rica

Three More Teammates In Central America

Our teammates the McCanns are continuing their Spanish study in Costa Rica.  They will be joining us here in Honduras in January.  This week three more teammates started their Spanish study in Costa Rica.  Josh, Jamie and Andy have joined the McCanns in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The three of them will be joining us […]

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The Vaughns - Missionaries to Mexico

Farewell Tour Comes To A Close

On June 25th we catch a flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to La Ceiba, Honduras. We have been spending much of our time in the past three weeks having meals with and saying goodbye to some of the great people that God has placed in our path.   Friday night we spent some time with […]

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packing the bags

The Problem Of Packing

We’ve gone through this before.  Ten months ago we were debating as to what needed to be packed, purged or provided for others.  When we left California we figured we had narrowed our stuff down to everything we absolutely needed.  Ten months later we are looking at several large piles of things we haven’t touched […]

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Our Costa Rica Language Learning Ends

Yesterday Mike had his last private tutoring session.  He spent two hours reviewing irregular verbs with Alejandra.  That officially brings our Costa Rican Spanish study to a close.  On June 25th we leave Costa Rica and fly to Honduras.  Our Costa Rican studies are complete. We have spent 10 months here in Costa Rica dedicating […]

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Maddy fires at a cup

A Walk In The Park And More Goodbyes

This weekend Madison and Mike took an afternoon to go play in the local park. Madison had recently purchased a homemade slingshot and wanted to try it out. She had never before shot a slingshot. They shot a whole bag of rocks at paper cups.   They then walked over to the cement soccer court and watched a […]

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Site of a traffic death

Heart On The Road

If you drive anywhere in Costa Rica you will notice big yellow hearts painted on the roads.  They are far and wide. They are in the city, in the country, small roads, freeways…everywhere.  Sometimes they are stacked up, two three right next to each other.   Each heart is placed by the government at the site […]

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Our engagement picture from 1992

16 Years Of Marriage From Mike’s Perspective

On June 6, 1992 Mike Pettengill and Erin Brumm got married at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church.  Mike had just received his BA in Political Science and Erin was still working towards her Nursing degree. After the wedding they moved into a 900 square foot duplex with their two dogs and two cats.   At 23 and […]

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