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At The Top Of Our Lungs

One thing that you can say about Costa Rica is the neighborhoods are loud.  It seems to be a cultural thing that noise is not a problem.  Everyone makes lots of noise and nobody complains.   Weed eaters are fired up at 6:30am.  Cars picking up people for school or work honk their horns at […]

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Video Production As A Ministry

This past week Mike has been very busy producing videos.  He has produced six videos this week.  Four of those videos have been for us and two have been to promote other Christian ministries. Mike has shot and produced over 50 videos in the nine months we have been here.  You can view most of […]

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crime on the rise

Crime On The Rise

Costa Rica is a relatively safe place to live. Costa Rica’s overall crime rate (11 crimes per 1000 people) is less then that of the U.S. (80/1000) or the U.K. (85/1000). But, crime has recently been on the rise in our little corner of the world.   As some of you may be aware our family was […]

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Kelly Kim over for lunch

The Costa Rican Goodbye Tour Begins

We have been studying Spanish here in Costa Rica for nine months. The school we have been studying at attracts mostly Christian missionaries. In the time we have been here we have made friends with some very special people. In one month (June 25th) we are leaving for La Ceiba, Honduras. So it is time to start saying goodbye […]

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Oh The Places You’ll Go

As of tomorrow we are one month away from moving to La Ceiba, Honduras (June 25th).  For the few of you who have been along for the ride from the beginning you know that it has been a long journey.  It has been over three years since Mike took Erin out to dinner and so […]

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50 Days of Prayer devotional and prayer guide

Fifty Days Of Prayer – 2008

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) puts on the “Fifty Days of Prayer for the PCA”.  In 2008 the 50 days of prayer goes from May 1 to June 19.  In support of this effort Michael Ross produces a devotional and prayer guide to focus the hearts and prayers of those involved.  This year’s devotional […]

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Church On A Mission

We have been asked what church is like for us in Costa Rica.  Well…it is a touch complicated, but, let’s go for it.   For almost nine months we have been attending Iglesea Christiana Berrea. This is a Spanish speaking Costa Rican church. The service is 2 ½ hours.  We start with an hour of contemporary Spanish […]

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