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Washing Heads And Constructing A Path

Calvary Presbyterian Church has concluded their work in La Fe. This 14-person mission team from Raleigh, NC is scheduled to hike the rainforest on Friday and fly out on Saturday. Wednesday the team started the day by going to La Fe and learning the finer art of washing clothes in the river. The local ladies […]

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Schizophrenic Weather And Servants’ Hearts

Trinity Presbyterian Church of Murfreesboro, TN has had two full days of work and two completely different days of weather. Trinity is the 4th (of 16) short-term mission team of the summer. On Monday this 16-person team encountered heavy cloud cover and a light rain. This kept the construction time in the morning nice and […]

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Faith Draws Crowds

This week we are hosting an 11-person mission team from Faith Presbyterian Church of LaVale, MD. There must be something about Faith, because they are drawing crowds of Hondurans wherever they go. On Monday and Tuesday their Spanish speakers and medical personnel hosted two medical clinics in Armenia Bonito. In those two days they treated […]

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Pencils, Printers And Pouring Down Rain

On Monday Mike taught an English class in Armenia Bonito to 40 eager students. The class started with Noah-like rain. For about 20 minutes the rain fell so hard on the tin roof of our ministry center that nobody could hear a word. It is not often you experience a rain delay in ESL, but […]

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Marcos giving a test

Assistant English Teacher

For years we have been frustrated by Marcos Antonio. He is a very smart 17-year-old Honduran who lives in the super-poor community of Armenia Bonito. Not only is he smart, but also he is one of the best English speakers in the community. But, like many language learners he is embarrassed by his bad pronunciation, […]

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No other God but me

Kids And Clinics And Classes…Oh My

With the pace we are leading these past few days one might think we are trying to do harm to our visiting short-term missionaries from Manor Presbyterian Church of Cochranville, PA. This is simply not true. We just want them to have plenty of chances to serve the people of Honduras. Monday began with a […]

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English Class And The Gospel

On Monday Mike taught the sixth English class in a ten-class series. The students are enjoying the formality of the new format. They are learning English, but the topics and the building of relationships is allowing for the sharing the gospel. The students learned pronunciation and sounds. This is the hardest point of each class. […]

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