Book Review: Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

Huson Taylor's Spiritual SecretHudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret was written in 1932. Taylor was a pioneer missionary who spent the last half of the nineteenth century serving in China. More then a century before Richard Nixon reopened Communist China to the Western world, this young British missionary traveled to China.
He left for China at age 20 with no university degree and sent by no government. He arrived unexpected and unannounced. But, by the time he died, 50 years later, he had founded the China Inland Mission which consisted of 205 mission stations with over 800 missionaries, and 125,000 Chinese Christian converts.
Hudson Taylor provided an example of faith and prayer that was unequaled. He spent more time in prayer then any other activity. His level of faith in God was unshakable. Taylor knew that God would honor his work as long as Taylor continued to honor God. This book is worth reading if only to catch a flavor of the depth of faith possessed by Hudson Taylor.
Even when surrounded by circumstances that would have crippled another man, Taylor continued to seek God’s glory. While in China Taylor faced disease, a hostile government, and insufficient finances. He lost a wife, a child and numerous friends to death. Many people back home questioned his tactics even when his success was unparalleled.

This biography paints the picture of a man considered the beginning of a new era in mission work. He left a lasting mark on China and the rest of the world. Few in history have accomplished so much with so little.