To Myanmar or not to Myanmar? That is the question.

Erin is currently scheduled to go on a medical missions trip to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) from January 14th to January 30th. Erin will be traveling with twelve other nurses and doctors. The group is scheduled to go into the remote countryside and run a medical clinic for poor, rural individuals who have little or no access to health services. The group has their bags packed and airline tickets are purchased.
Sounds like a great trip, right? Here is the problem. The Myanmar government has not yet approved the travel visas for the group. No reason has been given for the delay and no timetable has been provided for approval of the travel visas. However, we have a hunch. Myanmar is 89% Buddhist. The Myanmar government is hostile to both Christians and Americans.

We ask that you pray that the visas be approved with enough time to board the planes on January 14th. We ask that you pray for the safety of the group as it travels in less then hospitable surroundings. And, we ask that you pray that Erin and her teammates are provided with opportunities to share Christ’s love through word and deed. We will keep you informed.