And so it Begins

Yesterday we began the support raising phase of our mission efforts. It was much more enjoyable then one might think. We spent eight full hours with both of us on separate phones calling friends and churches and asking if we could meet with them regarding financial support. We set up a few meetings, had people commit to pray for us, had several people pray with us over the phone and had several people who wanted to talk for a long time and learn more about what we are doing. On the other side of things, we even had one person say that he would not support us financially and that he would not pray for us, because, he was too busy and needed to focus on what he was doing. All of these are acceptable answers. Whatever God leads someone to do is what we want them to do.
We believe that God sending us to be missionaries is allowing others to serve the people of Honduras. Not all of us can leave the country. But, if our family goes, we are allowing hundreds of other people to advance the kingdom and improve the lives of Hondurans, through us. Your prayers and your financial support make you just as important of a teammate as us.
Please pray for the expansion of the team.