Myanmar Trip Still Up In the Air

Erin is scheduled to leave on January 14th for a two week medical missions trip to Myanmar. The Myanmar government has still not approved the travel visas for Erin and her group. Everyone has their airline tickets and their bags are packed, but if they do not receive the travel visas by this Thursday (1/11) the trip is canceled.
The team submitted the visa requests nearly six weeks ago. The Myanmar government is being very tight lipped as to why it is taking so long and if they plan to approve them in time for the group to leave. Myanmar is 89% Buddhist and the Myanmar government is notoriously hostile to both Christians and Americans.

We ask that you pray for the following: 1) that the travel visas are approved by this Thursday, 2) that Erin and her group are safe and effective while in Myanmar, and, 3) that if the visas are not received and the trip is canceled that all people involved view this as a clear sign from our sovereign God that they were never meant to be in Myanmar. Please pray that God receives the glory no matter what the result. We will keep you informed.