Book Review: What do Presbyterians Believe?

What do Presbyterians Believe? by Gordon H ClarkThe title of this book appears to be very focused on one corner of the Christian faith. With all due respect, I believe the book is poorly titled. A more appropriate title might be, “What is in the Westminster Confession of Faith”.
Gordon H. Clark, philosopher and theologian, provides a commentary on the Westminster Confession perfectly suited for individual study or group discussion. The author reprints the Westminster Confession, section for section, and provides a running commentary. Clark’s analysis of the Confession is periodically witty, regularly insightful and written in a way that will satisfy the theologian and the novice.
The author’s topic, the Westminster Confession, was completed in 1646. It is a doctrine of faith drawn up to clarify the beliefs of biblical Christian religion. Versions of it have been adopted by not only Calvinistic Presbyterians but also Congregationalists and Baptists.
This book draws from various perspectives to help the reader rap their brain around the most basic as well as the deepest issues of Christian religion. You will explore some of the political, historical and sociological implications of basic Christian tenants. Clark’s deeply analytical approach even provides several points where the authors may have erred.

Clark was ordained a Minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and was chairman of the Philosophy Department at Butler University for 28 years. He was a member of four different Presbyterian denominations in his lifetime. Clark, a prolific author of more than 40 books, writes with an quirky, yet refreshing style that meshes his theological and philosophical perspectives.