How YOU doin’?

We started our fulltime support raising two weeks ago. And, the number one question we get from people is, “How are you doing?” This comes from friends, teammates, and people who believe in what we are doing. We love this question. Not only does it show an interest in the ministry we are undertaking in Honduras, but it shows a genuine concern for us.
So, we crunched some numbers to keep our teammates informed. Here is what we have done in the past two weeks – initial new contacts to churches or individuals:  250; appointments scheduled: 36; presentations given: 20; combined hours spent on support raising activities: 160; new teammates: 20.
Personally we are well. We are physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy. However, this job is more physically exhausting then we imagined. We feel good about what we are doing. We see periodic attacks and challenges from the enemy. But, we expected that. We praise God for all the opportunities He has given us to glorify Him. We ask that you continue to pray for our strength and endurance.