Erin in North Africa, Part 2

Erin has landed in her destination in North Africa. She has sent the following update:
Well, after much travel time yesterday, we finally found our way into the Capitol City. We slept about 5 hours last night, and are ready to take on the day. Today is a sightseeing day as the next flight out to where we are going to serve (rural area) isn’t until tomorrow. 
I had a little trouble getting through customs – The customs agent stopped me and started to give me the 3rd degree on what my piano keyboard was going to be used for. I couldn’t exactly tell him I was going to use it to sing hymns. He was very stubborn, and we think he was trying to find out if I was going to use it for religious purposes, or to start a band. Either way he had to decide if he was going to let me keep it or not. Ultimately, he let me keep it. I had to be very careful to not mention missions, Christianity or Christ. While this country is open to Americans, it is 90% Muslim and very oppressive to Christians.
Haven’t seen much of the city as we arrived at 4:00am. But – we plan on going out to visit some sites today. Not much time, I’ll try and e-mail again when I get in tonight or tomorrow before we leave for the rural area. The sightseeing will be fun, but the 16 of us can not wait to get out to the rural area and set up camp. That is why we are here!
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