Erin in North Africa, Part 4

Just got an update from Erin in North Africa.  Here it is:
We don’t have final numbers yet, but it looks like we treated over 600 patients! Incredible! We prayed with almost all of them – Muslim and Christian alike! Only had a few Muslim patients refuse. We ran six clinics – internal medicine, cardiac, neurology, orthopedics, ob-gyn, and pediatrics/psychiatry. I was initially told I was going to be working with a pediatric doctor, and that I would be assisting – it ended up that I was the pediatric doctor. The person I was supposed to work with was used in a different capacity. I diagnosed and treated about 100 patients in my clinic alone! We are finishing up our medical trip by visiting two orphanages.
The true miracles we saw were in the spiritual realm. We were able to bridge spiritual gaps by treating physical needs. Incredible! I will NEVER again discredit the huge spiritual benefit of medical mission teams.
We were never on down-time. We started each day getting up at 6:00am, and not getting into bed until 11:00pm each night. From the time we got up until the time we laid down we were busy! Even at dinner time away from the clinic, people would just show up with their x-rays or lab results in their hands, desperate to see an American doctor and we would treat them over dinner. We had several people show up at our bus before our day even started, and we were treating and diagnosing people on the street corner. It was incredible! As you can imagine, also exhausting! We are beat to a pulp! I will say we used every minute of every day doing God’s work, so although we are physically exhausted, we feel well used!
Our work finishes here today. Tomorrow we start the slow trip home. When I get home I will provide more detailed stories and pictures.
To get an overview of what Erin is doing in North Africa go to this blog entry.