Erin Home From North Africa, Part 1

Erin in her pediatrics "clinic" in North AfricaThis is the first in multipart series of brief stories and pictures about Erin’s trip to North Africa.
Erin arrived home today from her two week medical mission trip to North Africa. Their team of 16 doctors and nurses treated over 1000 patients. Erin treated over 200 in pediatrics alone.
They prayed and handed out Christian tracts and children’s books to Muslims and Christians. The materials they handed out were in Arabic.
It was a challenge to hear the five calls to prayer being chanted over the loudspeakers each day. The heat and sand were difficult. The open persecution of Christians was heart-wrenching. With that, it was clear that the Holly Spirit was energizing the team to work, pray and serve.
Each of the next few days we will update this site with new pictures and stories from the trip. Come back often.