Erin Home From North Africa, Part 2

Erin and child in North AfricaWhile Erin was in North Africa she was able to treat over 200 patients. Here is just one of her experiences:
On the second day the clinic was open, a Muslim woman wearing a full head-to-toe black burqa arrived with her very sick child. Before treating the child Erin prayed over the mother and child in the name of Christ. Upon assessing the child it was determined that it had a severe blood infection, and left untreated, the child had less then a week to live.
Erin administered medication and instructed the mother to bring her child back for additional treatments. After the third visit the child was clearly happy and on the road to recovery. The mother, in tears, was so grateful she kissed Erin, gave her a flower and repeated dozens of times, two of the only English words she knew, “thank you.”
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