Erin Home From North Africa, Part 4

Erin and her posseSometimes we wonder – Does short-term medical missions make a difference?
In North Africa Christians are arrested if they evangelize. As American medical personnel we were allowed to evangelize. We gave full gospel presentations several times and prayed with almost every patient. It was CLEAR the Holy Spirit was at work! We even had a few individuals profess their faith in Jesus Christ.
Amidst the Muslim culture, it was awesome to see the truth being preached. During evening service, as we were singing praises to the one true God, we heard the Muslim call to prayer being broadcasted on the speakers throughout the city (it was broadcast 5 times a day). Yet we kept right on singing! A true light in the darkness!
One of the patients I saw was an anorexic, which is not something they see in the Muslim culture. We spoke with her and her father at length about the severity of her condition, trying to convince them to go to the hospital immediately. At the end, we prayed with them and they left. I left that day feeling very depressed and saddened by her state, knowing that in a few short weeks she would be dead. We discovered the next day, her Uncle, a fundamentalist, militant Muslim, had found out what we had done and contacted the Pastor of our Christian church to tell him “how blessed they felt at the loving and kindness showed upon his niece.”   Even if I never again see the fruit of my labor, I will never question the necessity of medical ministries!

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