Creative Support

NOTE: We would like to share a very exciting story. But, the person involved was very specific that he does not want to receive credit or be mentioned. He does what he does, not for personal praise, but for God’s glory. With that…here is the story:
Mike has next to no musical talent. But, he has decided to learn the guitar as a ministry for Honduras. Mike recently went guitar shopping. After hearing about our mission plans in Honduras, one of the local music shops gave us a great discount on a guitar, case, books and more. The owner later called us and stated that he would like to give Mike FREE guitar lessons. He wanted to help the people of Honduras by helping Mike.
Mike went for his first guitar lesson today. Let’s just say that there is plenty of room for improvement. While at the lesson the owner shared with Mike that he would like to give us free instruments to take for the people of Honduras. And, that once we are established, he would like to come down to Honduras and give free music lessons to the Hondurans.
God has given all of us everything we have. Some of us have time, some have money, some have talent. What is important is that we are willing to use what we have to help others. This musically talented individual is doing just that.
Ironically this is the second music teacher to donate his time to us. Erin’s piano instructor is teaching her for free for the same exact reason.