There is no Time to be Tired

We have been very active since Erin returned home from North Africa three weeks ago. We have given our missions presentation 22 times in the past 23 days. In the past 23 days we have called or e-mailed people 324 times. In that same period we have mailed out 107 letters. All of this to ask people to support our mission efforts in Honduras.
What has been the result of all this work? In the past 23 days we have received 16 new financial supporters and 65 new prayer supporters. And, we pray that many people have seen God’s glory in what we are doing.
We are so appreciative when people take the time out of their lives to hear about what God has planned for us in Honduras. It continues to be a joy to recruit others to join Team Honduras.
Please pray that God will continue to be glorified and that He will bless us with the finances we need to leave at the end of August.