Evangelism Training Part II

Mike teaching EE courseYesterday we taught another great Evangelism Explosion(EE) class at our home church. Mike delivered the lecture and Erin and another instructor took the students out into the community for On the Job Training(OJT).
After only four weeks of classes we are seeing such great things come out of the seven students we are teaching. They are getting really excited about sharing the gospel and having some great experiences. Their weekly OJT is going well, but they are also gaining great practice at home. Family members and coworkers are hearing about Christ. Not even the local Jehovah’s Witnesses are safe from hearing the gospel from our team.
While training on the streets of Elk Grove our team has visited 14 apartments and presented the gospel to six people. Praise God!
This is the first time our church has taught EE. To read more about our experience go here.