Evangelism Training Part III

Yesterday we taught another great Evangelism Explosion(EE) class at our home church. Mike delivered the lecture and Mike and Erin and two other instructors took the students out into the community for On the Job Training.
This was the fifth week of the 13 week training course. Our seven students are really doing well and are getting very excited about their role. Last night we experienced our first conversion. Standing in front of Wal-Mart one of our teams stopped two strangers and asked if we could talk to them. One of our students led the couple through the gospel presentation. The man, Vicki, ultimately prayed and accepted Christ. When we got back to class all of the students were so energized to hear that one of their own had actually been used by God for His glory.
While training on the streets of Elk Grove our team has contacted 24 people, shared the gospel with 12 and helped lead one to profession of faith!
This is the first time our church has taught EE. To read more about our experience go here.