The Pettengill House Party Tour

the Pettengill House Party Tour mailerThis week we are launching the Pettengill House Party Tour. It will be a series of home visits, where friends, family and supporters volunteer their home to be used as a base for a one hour presentation about our missions efforts in Honduras. All the homeowner has to do is open their home and invite a bunch of their fiends, family and neighbors over. The more the merrier. We will show up with snacks and sodas and give an hour presentation on our missions efforts. We will travel anywhere in California for a house party. House parties can be scheduled during the day or evening, any day of the week except Sunday.
This helps the homeowner advance the mission efforts in Honduras without spending a dime. The home owner is facilitating the sharing of God’s plan for Honduras with people who may never have heard of Honduras or the Pettengills. The Pettengill House Party Tour will take place only in California and only in the month of June.
Here’s the scoop…
Your Job
Invite a bunch of your friends to your home to spend one hour hearing about what we are doing as missionaries in Honduras and how they can be a part of it.
Our Job
We’ll provide all the snacks & drinks. We’ll give a one hour presentation about our missions work in Honduras.
This is a great way of helping the people of Honduras & a creative way of fulfilling the Great Commission.
You can host a House Party any day or evening in June…just not on a Sunday.
Sign Up
To host a House Party please contact us & reserve a date today (916/704-8553 or