Book Review: The Reformed Pastor

The Reformed Pastor by Richard BaxterThe Reformed Pastor was originally written by Richard Baxter in 1656 as a wakeup call for ministers. However, it is often read today by various church leaders, and I commend it to any believer. This book is a 250 page gut punch to any Christian who dares pick it up.
The word “reformed” in the title does not refer to the Luther/Calvin reformed. It refers to the “revised” or “rejuvenated” pastor. It is a call to reform our actions and live our lives as if the souls of other men depend on our actions.
Baxter calls on pastors to be on guard for their own walk. On the first page he states, “many a preacher is now in hell, who hath a hundred times called upon his hearers to use the utmost care and diligence to escape it.” He calls on preachers to be careful to heed their own advice.
Secondly Baxter implores the pastor to take honest care of the flock that God has placed in his care. “What sirs, shall we despise the blood of Christ? Shall we think it was shed for them who are not worthy of our utmost care? You may see here, it is not a little fault that negligent pastors are guilty of.”
No Christian can read this book and believe they are doing all they can for Christ. This book is challenging and will alter your walk like few others. Baxter clearly has little use for making us feel good about our impotent efforts for the Savior who gave all for us.