Honduras Vision Trip Part I

Mike has just completed his first day of a four day trip to La Ceiba, Honduras. Mike and three men from Grace Community Church are in La Ceiba to get a better understanding of our role in God’s plan for Honduras.
Even with a lost passport (subsequently found) and lost airline tickets (subsequently found) we have really seen God work. Providentially God placed us on the same flight, on the same day, one seat away from a missionary to Honduras who was returning from the U.S. This man, a 15 year missionary to Honduras, provided us with so much insight and knowledge. We may have started the groundwork to a beautiful relationship.
We flew into San Pedro Sula and instead of connecting into La Ceiba as planned, we caught a cab ride into La Ceiba. It was a 2 ½ hour drive, but put us into La Ceiba two hours ahead of schedule and allowed us to see a bunch of great countryside.
Our rental car was not as planned so we have rented/borrowed a van from another missions organization.
Tomorrow we plan to meet up with two Hondurans who will show us around and share their knowledge.
Check back tomorrow for more stories and pictures.