Grace Community Church

Today Mike worshiped with Grace Community Church of Mobile, Alabama. This is the congregation that was so instrumental in making last week’s trip to Honduras possible. Grace Community is a great church that has a big heart for missions.
Pastor Brayars prays for Mike and HondurasDuring the service Mike was able to talk to the congregation for 10 minutes about what God is doing with us and what God is doing in Honduras. After the presentation the congregation prayed for our efforts in Honduras.
Pastor Bryars then delivered a great message on the Sword of the Spirit. After the service Mike met with the Missions Committee. He gave them a more detailed presentation on the work in Honduras and shared some great pictures. They asked some great questions. The church is now deciding if God wants them to support our efforts and if so, at what level. Please pray for them as they try to discern God’s will for them.
We would like to thank Grace Community Church for making this trip to Mobile and last week’s trip to Honduras possible. We would like to especially thank the Albertson family for putting Mike up in their home and allowing him to disrupt their lives so close to the big day. Thanks also to Pastor Bryars and John for their fellowship, insight and encouragement.
May God bless you all. Hope to see you in Honduras.