Utah Church Tour

Mike, Erin and Madison at the Nevada/Utah State LineWe’re here. We have scheduled a four day trip through the great state of Utah. From June 8th to the 11th we are visiting PCA churches and individuals.
Our purpose is to share God’s plan for us in Honduras. It is our prayer that these churches and their members will join Team Honduras through prayer and financial support. It would be so exciting for these congregations to see God’s glory, not in us, but in His desire to bring grace, love, and physical healing to Honduras.
There are five churches we hope to interact with while in Utah. Here are the churches:

Hidden Valley Presbyterian Church
Park City Presbyterian Church
New Song Presbyterian Church
Jordan Presbyterian Mission
We ask you to pray for these five churches. Don’t pray only that they join us. God’s plan involves so much more than us. Please pray for their spiritual health and their ability to glorify God in all they do. Utah is a huge mission opportunity in and of itself.
Check back tomorrow and we will have more pictures and stories.