New York City – Day 19 of 31

Erin learning AshantiThe last two days we have all been learning new languages. Mike is learning Japanese, Madison is learning Spanish and Erin is learning Ashanti (a language spoken in Ghana). So, if we are going to Honduras (where they speak Spanish) why are we learning these other languages?
Madison learning SpanishWhat we are really focusing on is the process by which you acquire a new language. While most languages are very different, the process you use to learn any new language is the same. This technique we are being taught is not the old process (simply memorizing vocabulary and verb conjugation). It is a process where we sit down with a native speaker and systematically learn the language. We use props and gestures, not written words or flash cards.
This is a cutting edge process that demonstrates to us how to acquire a language. It is skill that will benefit us greatly in the future.
Check back frequently in July as we will be sharing lots of stories and pictures from our month in New York City.
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