New York City – Day 22 of 31

Each Sunday we worship at two different church services…two VERY different church services. In the morning we go to Nueva Vida in Queens and in the evening we go to Redeemer in Manhattan.
Prayer at Nueva VidaNueva Vida is a Spanish only service. Most of the participants are Columbian emigrants. It is a protestant service that is very charismatic. The preachers are a husband and wife preaching team. The 3 hour 30 minute service consists of one hour of amplified rock music, one hour of prayer, 30 minutes of music and one hour of preaching. Church starts at about 11:00am and ends on or after 2:30pm.
Prayer at RedeemerRedeemer is an English only service. Most of the participants are young, white professionals.  It is a protestant service that is Presbyterian. The preacher is a young, white, male.  The 1 hour 15 minute service consists of 30 minutes of jazz music, 15 minutes of prayer, and 30 minutes of preaching. Church starts at exactly 5:00pm and ends at exactly 6:15pm.
Both of these churches are Christian, protestant, Christ honoring churches that are very different in their style. One is very heart, and the other is very head.  I am not stating opinions on either. I enjoy both, just in different ways. God is clearly being worshiped at both, just in different ways.  It has been a joy to worship at these two services each week.  They both feed us and allow us to glorify God.
Take a look at these two pictures.  The first is prayer at Nueva Vida and the second is prayer at Redeemer.  Believe it or not, these two churches are only 10 miles apart and periodically do work together.  God is good.
Check back frequently in July as we will be sharing lots of stories and pictures from our month in New York City.

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