New York City – Day 23 of 31

Listening to Luz and EsmeraldaIn the morning we went to Nueva Vida in Queens.  We spent some of the morning painting more rooms in the children’s Sunday school.  We also had a great time sitting down with two of the church’s employees; Luz and Esmeralda. These two great ladies shared with us their background, told us some great stories about Columbia and helped us with our Spanish.
Said talking and John translatingIn the afternoon we participated in a cultural contextualization lecture taught by John Leonard. John helped us understand the prevalence of bias in all cultures. John then translated for his friend Saíd. Saíd shared his stories of cultural bias.  He was a Moroccan born Muslim who emigrated to France, became a Christian and now lives in America.  Saíd has lived cultural bias. He had some great stories.
Check back frequently in July as we will be sharing lots of stories and pictures from our month in New York City.

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