New York City – Day 31 of 31

Final report from New York City (written in the airport waiting to catch our flight home).
So what DID you do in New York City for a month?
Here is a summary of our missions training in July:
Lectures and Exercises
Each day we participated in lectures and exercises that were designed to provide us with new information or challenge us to learn something new about ourselves. In all we participated in 25 lectures or exercises taught by nine different individuals. In all, the lecturers were experienced and knowledgeable in the field.
Field Ministry
We served and worshiped at Nueva Vida for four weeks. This is a predominantly Columbian, Spanish speaking church. During the week we painted and helped prepare for a concert. On Sundays we worked in the children’s Sunday school classes.
Written Assignments
In the past four weeks we each produced 13 written reports. The largest was a six pager. Each paper called for us to write on our cultural experiences and required us to do practical field work (interviews, observations, etc.) in NYC.
Service Team
Erin organized the slides and sang each day on the worship team. She was way out of her comfort zone, but this was a good experience for her to take to Honduras. Mike helped produce weekly newsletters, a training website and a web based depository for photographs. We both enjoyed serving the other missionaries.
Other Humans
The 28 other missionaries and their kids were a joy. Their desire to leave the comforts of their homes and serve God around the world was inspirational. We learned something from everyone. The McCanns (our future teammates in Honduras) were great. This was our first time meeting them and we are excited to report that they are wonderful people and we look forward to working with them.
Pettengill Family
We did well. We learned much about ourselves. We did fine being out of our comfort zone, the lack of rest, and numerous tasks. Madison did better with change then any of us figured she would. We are pleased our family thrived within the hectic schedule.
While in New York we were able to have some fun. We went to three Broadway shows, three museums, Coney Island, a Mets game and a movie.
This was a radical missions training experience. We did so much work and learned so many new things. We definitely acquired skills that we will use in Honduras. We learned about missions and we learned about ourselves. In the end, we believe we are much more prepared for our work in Honduras.

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