Arizona II – Day 7 of 10

Two days, two churches, two meals. Today and yesterday we had two different churches host dinners for us.
Thursday evening members of Phoenix United Reformed Church hosted a bar-b-q for us. This church is already a supporter of ours. They wanted to have several families join us for a time of friendship, food and fellowship. This was a fun evening. Maddy was able to play with other kids, ride a horse, swim, catch toads, hold a chicken, see a newborn calf, and more.
Friday evening members of Covenant Community Church joined us at the Pastor’s home for a meal and fellowship.  Covenant Community is also one of our supporting churches. They have been very excited about Honduras and very loving towards us.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal with several families. This coming Sunday Mike will be preaching at their worship service.  We look forward to this opportunity.
Check back frequently as we will be sharing lots of stories and pictures from our 10 days in Arizona.