First Day Off in Costa Rica

Today we enjoyed our first day of doing NOTHING in a long time. Instead of going someplace we just enjoyed our neighborhood.
Mike and Maddy looking for bugsMadison has a homework assignment in her science class.  She has to collect eight different Costa Rican bugs and find out what they are.  So in the morning we went walking through the neighborhood and ended up at the Salse park to look for bugs.  We had great success finding all the bugs she needed.
Mike and Erin eating lunchAfter our morning of etymology we went to try out one of the local restaurants. Within a half block of our apartment are two restaurants that are simply the front room of someone’s house.  They have a typical refrigerator and oven in the front room with restaurant style tables and chairs.  If not for the sign on the front of their home you would never know it is a restaurant. The three of us enjoyed a great lunch and three drinks for eight dollars, including tip.  We will have to try the other restaurant next week.