Iglesia Cristiana Berea

Iglesia Christiana BereaThis morning we attended church at Iglesia Cristiana Berea.  It is a local church about a five minute walk from our apartment.  We went with our neighbor.
The service started at 9:30a and ended at noon.  Everything was in Spanish and nobody spoke any English.  The first hour was worship music followed by 30 minutes of prayer.  Then the Pastor preached for and hour. He preached from Numbers 11.  We think the message was on “Trusting God.”
If you have never tried to listen intently to someone speaking for an hour in a language not your own, try it sometime. We know VERY little Spanish. So we picked up about one out of every five or ten words.  In order to get anything out of the message you must REALLY focus.  It is exhausting.
With our poor Spanish I will clearly need to supplement our Sunday worship in English when we got home from church each week.