Hurricane Felix – Update II

Hurricane FelixPlease pray for Honduras. Hurricane Felix has slammed into the eastern shore of Honduras as a level 5.  The eastern coast is sparsely populated by the Miskito Indians, and is reachable only by air or sea.
Felix has swung south, deeper inland and looks as if it will miss our future home of La Ceiba.  However, it is headed directly towards San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras.
To clarify: WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY IN HONDURAS. We are in San Jose, Costa Rica attending language school. Thank you to those who have expressed concern for our personal safety.
We will update this site daily regarding Felix. Honduras needs your prayers. We will keep you informed with specific prayer needs and how you can help financially if you feel so led.
Immediate prayer need – pray that the Lord halts Felix. If it is His will that Felix continue, pray for the safety of the people and infrastructure of Honduras.