Two Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

Don't Slam The DoorNo Tire La Puerta: This translates to “don’t slam the door”.  This is a big issue.  Taxis are everywhere in San Jose, and they will take up to four people most anywhere in the city for around a dollar.  Something we knew before we arrived here is that most of the rest of the world views Americans as serial car door slammers.  Watch next time you get out of your car. We are guilty. Well, a taxi driver’s pride and joy is his cab.  They get VERY upset when someone slams the door of their cab.  Many have yelled at us, and we have even heard stories of refusal of service to Americans. So, if you come to Costa Rica, don’t forget, no tire la puerta.
gringo catcherGringo Catchers: In America most of our man hole covers are in the middle of streets and ignored by most people. In Costa Rica they are on sidewalks, in parks, in parking lots, etc.  And, about 10% are missing their covers. An open man hole can be very dangerous. They are referred to as Gringo Catchers, because unsuspecting and unobservant Americans tend to step right in them.  It IS funny, but, we heard a story of a student at our school who fell in one last semester and broke both his legs.