Our New Friend Jean Giles

Erin with Jene GilesJean Giles is an MTW missionary to Corozal, Belize (where Mike to the Youth Group in 2005).  She is a Christian educator and she is focusing on training and equipping the teachers in Belize.
Jean is here in Costa Rican learning Spanish with us at the Spanish Language Institute.  Jean was in Belize when Hurricane Dean (level 5) slammed into her new home in August. She is originally from Florida. After her time here in Costa Rica Jean will go to Belgium for a month to attend MTW’s Pre-Field Training (similar to what we did in New York).
We have had Jean over for a meal on two separate occasions and have gone out exploring with her.  Jene is wonderful and we are happy to have the opportunity to get to know her.  Please pray that God will bless her and her ministry.