What’s In A Sunday?

Back in California Sundays were important to us.  They still are, but they look very different in Costa Rica.  Here is what we did this Sunday, a typical Sunday for us:
Iglesia Christiana BereaAt 9:30am we attended Iglesia Christiana Berea.  This is a Spanish speaking, Evangelical church that is a 5 minute walk from our home.  The first hour is music. Not only is it in Spanish, but they are mostly songs we do not recognize.  The next 30 minutes is prayer and announcements. The kids are dismissed to children’s church. The final hour is a sermon.  We have decided that since we understand only about 30% of what is being said that, for Erin and Mike, Sunday morning is simply language practice and cultural acquisition.  But at Berea, Madison’s Sunday School teacher translates his messages into English for her.  This is great for her.
After lunch we began our time of family worship. Today we started with Erin playing the piano and leading us in three worship songs.  Next, Mike continued leading us in our weekly family study. Mike is currently leading us in a study through Revelation assisted by Vern Poytheress and his book, The Returning King.  We conclude our worship by listening to a downloaded sermon in English.  Today we downloaded a video of John Piper’s sermon from last week.
After our family worship it was time for reading, dinner, relaxing and board games. Sundays sure are different then they used to be.