Our First Date In Costa Rica

This evening Erin and Mike got to go on our first date here in Costa Rica. Madison had a movie night at school so the big kids went out for dinner and a movie.
We went to a Costa Rican Bar-B-Q restaurant and ate plantains, yucca, black beans, pork, chicken, and corn.  It was a little different then the southern Bar-B-Q we enjoy so much but, still very good.
El Vidente with Nicholas CageWe then went to the theatre and watched Nicholas Cage in Next. Here in Costa Rica the movie is called El Vidente (The Seer) and is played in English audio with Spanish subtitles.
The dinner was $15 for the two of us, including tax and tip and the movie was $4 per person. A nice, inexpensive evening out after another hard week at school.