Our First Day At The Beach

Today we ventured out to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  It was quite a journey, but very inexpensive and fun. We went to the town of Jaco with the Wright family.
The Wrights are a family of five from Folsom, California (30 minutes from our home). They are attending Spanish school with us. They are missionaries to Costa Rica.
Mike, Erin and Madison at Jaco, Costa RicaOur day started at 7:30am by catching the local bus (26 cents each) to downtown San Jose.  We walked 10 blocks…ok, so it was 20 (we got lost)…to the bus station and caught the bus to Jaco ($2.50 each).  The ride was two hours and 30 minutes of windy, narrow, lush, mountainous road.  We arrived in Jaco just after 11am. We walked to the beach where we played for the next four hours. We walked to a little restaurant and had a great dinner ($5 each) and conversation.
At 6pm we caught the two and a half hour bus back to San Jose, walked 10 blocks, and then caught the next bus out to our neighborhood.  We walked in the door at 9:15pm.
We had a very enjoyable day with great weather, a fun beach, good conversation and friends, and a new adventure.