Reflections On Our One Month Anniversary

One month ago today we arrived in Costa Rica.  To commemorate our one month anniversary here are a few random thoughts:
Things we are surprised about:
1) Rain – It impacts our life much more then we figured it would.
2) Sleep – The constant noise prevents a good night sleep.
The mess on our street3) Trash – It is so hard to get used to the fact that trash is everywhere.
4) Car Accidents – We have witnessed five of them since we have been here.
5) Cost of Living – It is surprisingly expensive to live in Costa Rica.
6) Time – It takes a long time to get most things done.
7) People – Costa Ricans are incredibly nice, patient, and helpful.
Things we thought we’d have difficulty with, but we don’t:
1) Cell Phones – We figured we’d be missing them, but, we’re not.
2) Transportation – We enjoy the taxis and buses.  We figured we’d hate them.
3) Food – Yeah, we are missing some things, but, we really enjoy the local food.
4) Apartment – A 500 sq. ft. apartment isn’t as small as you’d think.
Razor wire on top of our fence5) Razor Wire – It is everywhere and not as depressing as one might think.
6) “I know nothing” – Having the vocabulary of a 5 year old isn’t so bad.
7) Health – Change in food, water, schedule, weather, etc. has had no impact on us.