Time to Pay the Piper

Our first electric billToday was a very exciting day.  We paid our electric bill. No really…that is exciting. Like everything else, paying bills is a little different then what we are used to. There are many questions.  We have no mailbox, so how do we get our bill?  When we received the bill it was in Spanish, so did we understand it correctly?  Our address is not on the bill, so is the bill our’s or our neighbor’s?  There is no address for the electric company on the bill, so who do we pay?  We don’t have a Costa Rican checking account, so how do we pay our bill?  Here are the answers to these and other questions.
Our bill showed up the other day, slipped between the bars on our fence. We had to compare the serial number on the bill with the serial number on our power meter…yep, it was ours.  We then had to sit down for 10 minutes with our Spanish/English dictionary to discover…yikes, it was due yesterday. We then had to walk the bill MegaSuper - Our local grocery storedown to the local grocery store to pay the bill.  That’s correct, grocery store. All banks and all grocery stores are required (by the government) to process your utility bills.  You pay your phone, electric, water, etc. all at the same place you buy your groceries.  Then, good news, we could pay in cash. The grocery store then forwards the money to the utility.
You aint in Kansas anymore.