Modern Missions

In the past two years, with all of our training and traveling, we have had the opportunity to meet many great missionaries who desire to spend their lives glorifying God through cross-cultural missions.
One thing that has been exciting to see is that most of these missionaries are very technologically savvy. They send out e-newsletters, regularly updated blogs, post on-line videos, talk on internet phones, and more. This is an exciting new era. These resources allow those that stay home and pray and support missionaries financially to receive instant and frequent information about how they are glorifying God. It wasn’t long ago that missionaries went off and were seldom heard from again. Now supporters can be involved in the day to day lives of missionaries.
Here are just some of our missionary friends that we know and love. We ask you to take a few minutes to get to know them and pray for them:
Ben Graber (Germany)
Matt Keiser (Honduras)
Melanie Currie (Thailand)
Steven & Jamie Wright (Costa Rica)
Ray & Michele Call (Mexico)