Things You Always Wanted To Say But…

Here are some phrases we have learned in our Phonetics class. They are designed to have as many similar phonetic principals in one sentence as possible. We practice saying these phrases out loud in class so our teacher can critique our pronunciation of key sounds.
They sound rhythmic and are difficult to say in Spanish. However, some of them sound downright ludicrous when you translate them into English:
Habia un choque en el bosque. (There was a collision in the forest.)
Averigue si la cigueña tiene verguenza. (Find out if the stork is bashful.)
El austero bautista bautiza al gaucho. (The austere Baptist baptizes the Argentine horseman.)
Los cautivos en las jaulas aplauden. (The captives in the cages applaud.)
Hay cuarenta guantes iguales del Ecuador. (There are forty identical gloves from Ecuador.)
Luis se cuida de los buitres. (Louis is careful of the buzzards.)
Ponen clorox en la cloaca. (They put bleach in the sewer.)
Los acrobatas comen croquetas. (The acrobats eat croquettes.)
Yo cumplo años el mismo dia que mi plomero. (My birthday is the same day as my plumber’s.)
El inturso pidio una trusa y triunfo en la natacion. (The intruder asked for bathing trunks and won the swimming event.)