Video Conference With Our Home Church

This evening our home church held their annual “Celebration Dinner”.  This is always a great event where everyone gets together, eats and has a great time.
This was the first Celebration Dinner we missed in nine years.  But, not really. Through the wonders of technology we were able to join our home church via video conference.  Our image was broadcast on the big screen and our voices were pumped in over the audio system, so they could all hear and see us.  They had a camera there and a microphone so we could talk with our friends, tell them how much we loved them, and answer their questions.  We spent nearly 30 minutes talking with those we cherish. We greatly enjoyed the experience.
The theme of the evening was “A time of Thanksgiving”.  We were so thankful to be with our brothers and sisters at Soaring Oaks.  We miss you guys much.