Book Review: Changing Trends in Missions

Changing Trends in Missions by Charles DunahooCharles Dunahoo is the author of several books including his vastly popular Making Kingdom Disciples. Dunahoo, the Coordinator of the PCA’s Committee for Christian Education and Publications, has been a Pastor in Alabama and Georgia.
Dunahoo took a topical approach to the study of missions. In this book he challenges congregants to be more outwardly focused. He identifies twelve issues that are important to understand when studying missions. The book is not intended to give definitive answers, but, is intended to raise interest and discussion.
The author does not go in depth on any topic, however, he does not avoid controversy. He addresses, among other topics, urban missions, third world missionaries, the Pentecostal surge in missions, and cracking the Muslim egg. Sensitive issues are addressed in a very tactful manner, but, content is not sacrificed. Dunahoo sticks to his theological roots and is not afraid to explore difficult issues.
The chapter on contextualization is superb. This is an issue that many view as a slippery slope to theological liberalism. Dunahoo expertly outlines the need to acknowledge the Bible was not written by white Americans for white Americans. As long as we are not sacrificing biblical purity and accuracy, we must allow for cultural and anthropological differences to be incorporated in world evangelism.

Dunahoo writes, “Our apostolic faith is a missionary one; hence, in the best tradition of the teachings of the apostles we must always ask how we can best do what Christ instructed us to do without altering His message.” A wonderful Great Commission philosophy.