A Day With Mike’s Parents

Mike's parents and us near PuntarenasMike’s Parents are in the middle of a three week cruise up and down Central America. Today their ship docked in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. This is a two and half hour bus ride from where we live in San Jose, Costa Rica. So, Erin, Maddy and Mike all went and spent the day with them.
The cruise ship that the arrived onIt was nice to see family for the first time in three months. They looked rested and well fed, as most cruise passengers are.
We spent the day exploring the state of Puntarenas. We saw crocodiles and iguanas running around. We drove along the beech and saw some of the most beautiful rainforest and coastline. We had a great lunch in the town of Jaco.
But, most importantly we had a day of talking, laughing and catching up. It was very enjoyable to spend time with members of our family whom we miss so dearly.