La Carpio

Mike witht the kids at La CarpioToday Mike spent the afternoon with the kids at La Carpio.
La Carpio is a very poor barrio in San Jose, Costa Rica. It consists of poor families who are mostly Nicaraguan refugees.  The streets are mostly unpaved, dirt roads.  The houses are built with pallets, corrugated tin, plastic, whatever can be found and nailed up as a wall. After school Mike joined a group of 10 to 12 missionaries from our school who visit La Carpio every Thursday afternoon.
The community of La CarpioWe drove into the community in a beat-up old van. We then got out and prayed for a successful event. Our group then walked through the center of community to the outer boundary. The purpose of this was to signal to the community kids that the festivities were about to begin (what better way to draw attention then a dozen gringos walking through a poor community in Central America). Once we arrived back at the meeting point with the kids in tow (like the Pied Piper), we played games, laughed and loved on the kids. We then gathered them together and gave them a Bible story in Spanish. After that we completed a craft, ate a snack and sent the kids on their way. There were over sixty kids in attendance.
In all we were gone for four hours. But, time sure flew. It looks like this is going to be a regular ministry opportunity for Mike on Thursdays. Please pray for safety, divine appointments and continued joy.